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Canary Wharf Choir  "Spring Season 2012"


Unchained Melody  performed

You'll Never Walk Alone  performed

You Raise Me Up

Shenandoah part by part note review GarageBand.zip
Performed (but not our version)

Shortnin' Bread GarageBand.zip

Hallelujah (L. Cohen, arr. R. Emerson)
 - piano Tenor / Bass
 - choir Plzeňský pěvecký sbor Ko.Mar

Siyahumba - Zimbe
|: Siyahamb' ekukhanyeni kwen-khos' Siyahamb' ekukhanyeni kwen-khos' :|

Siyahamba, hamba siyahamba, Hamba, siyahamba kukhanyeni kwen-khos'

Banaha (Sheet Music link)

Sung as a round, woman first, then men follow.etc.

Si - si, Si - si, do - la - da, Ya - ku si - ne - la - du ba - na ha. (Repeat)

Ba-na - ha, Ba-na - ha, Ya-ku si-ne la-du - ba-na ha.

Ha, Ba-na - ha, Ya-ku si-ne la-du  ba-na - ha