Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be in the choir?
You can, anyone can.  We expect that all singers either be from the Canary Wharf area, or work in the area.  Exceptions can be made.  (We have no child members, but we have had young chorister participate in events like Carols Singing in the Canada Square Shopping Mall or the occasional concert if accompanied by parent or guardian.)

Do you hold auditions?
Never!  But we do hope that you can sing in tune.  Not that every member has done that every time.

Do I need any experience of singing?
No experience is necessary - just enthusiasm!

Do you have to read music?
Not necessarily but we do use sheet music and if you are seeking to improve this skill, rehearsals provide a good opportunity. Rehearsals also enable you to learn by ear, all you have to do is listen!

Who will pay for the sheet music?
The version of Songs will almost always be available on the web, and sometimes the choir will provide out of print music. Our Christmas Carols & Candles Service can usually be covered in "100 Carols for Choir" by John Rutter & David Wilcox's

I'm not sure I can hold a part in harmony
The songs are sung in parts (sometimes as rounds). Each part is taught separately and you choose a part and sit between others singing the same part as yourself.

If a song is in another language how will I manage?
Many of the songs are in languages that are phonetic i.e. the words sound as you would expect from the written form. For other songs we have a phonetic version to help us sing the words correctly. It is surprising how quickly everyone picks it up.

Does the choir perform to the public?
The choir occasionally performs at public events (we aim for one performance each season, if possible) but this is purely on an individual voluntary basis. The main purpose of the choir is to sing for our own pleasure, to entertain our friends and families and to raise money for good causes.

Does the choir sing unaccompanied?
We often have a piano accompaniment, sometime an organ especially at Carols & Candles services,  On occasion, we have soloists from inside and outside the choir as well.

When and Where does the choir meet?
We meet on Monday evenings from 6:30pm (sharp) till 8.00pm (or so) in the State Street Bank Building Canary Wharf at 20 Churchill Place, E14 5HJ.  The building is fully handicap accessible.

How much does it cost?
The cost is £25 per year, and after June 30, £12.50. Payable at your first practice unless it's a "taster". Sheet Music is extra and singers are responsible to obtain legal copies of music that is practiced and performed.

Who can get a concession on the cost?
People with low income (self defined); under 18s and those in full time education.

Is there parking near the venue?
Waitrose has a parking garage, but members generally come on foot from Canary Wharf office blocks or via public transport.  There is disabled access in the front of 20 Churchill Place, and a London Bus Stop directly in front of the building.

Who runs the choir?
Our choir run by and assisted by a small Committee of members is responsible for general organisational issues.

plus our esteemed, lovely and very talented Guest Directors:  Miriam Coe and Miguel Esteban


How big is the choir?
There are between 30 to 50 active singers (a number which fluctuates) and the mailing list has around 150 members. The number can be capped and a waiting list used but this has not been needed.  We are always looking to get new singers, whether experienced, enthusiastic or both!

Will my family be able to hear me sing?
Most performances are public events, and the Carols & Candles Annual Christmas Concert is FREE but tickets need to be ordered via the Canary Wharf Events web site. We aim to have one performance a term and/or a ‘sharing’ of what we’ve learned for families and friends. You can take part if you wish.