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2016 Spring/Summer Choir Season

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  • Jun 20 - St. Anne's Church in Limehouse
  • Aug 3 - One Canada Square Park


  • Jul 20 - Canary Wharf Choir Concert Review
    CrossRail Place Rooftop Terrace

"The tranquil and paradisical roof garden at Crossrail Place provided an apt venue for heavenly singing by the Canary Wharf Choir in their summer concert on Monday 20 July. Since I first saw them perform in a conference room at State Street a couple of years ago they have grown both in numbers, possessing now larger soprano, alto, tenor and bass teams which lend genuine balance to their sound, but also, under the guidance of their inspirational choir master, John Tripp, they have patently bloomed in confidence and technical prowess. Their songlist encompassed many styles, and they were able to mine the essential spirit of each, from the jaunty Italian opener, Viva Tutte, via contemplative numbers like For The Beauty of The Earth, to the expansive, flowing melodies of Nella Fantasia. The first half ended with a very enjoyable rendition of Skyfall, which captured the brooding opening and exciting, building climax. In a short intermission Emma Tripp delivered a spell-binding solo ballad. The shorter second half comprised a pair of songs from Hollywood - When You Wish Upon A Star and You've Got A Friend In Me, sandwiching a delightful and rousing reading of All You Need Is Love, in which they managed not only to fit all the melody, rhythm and sixties’ swing of the original, but also to create a sound unique and fresh for today. Reminders of how much good there is in the world despite the flow of depressing news; and how sorely community choirs, which eshew auditions and exclusivity in favour of inclusivity, give a much-needed opportunity to members to be the best they can be, and in the process sprinkle stardust on our daily lives."
Michael Simms
Freelance teacher and writer


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